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ORGANIC AND BIODYNAMIC PRICIPLES In the vineyards we work under organic and biodynamic principles. We abolished the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers and insecticides. We try to create an environment as friendly as possible for the proliferation of good insects, wild animals and microorganisms in the soil, in order to improve the life in the vineyard. We prepare our own compost for enhancing soil life!

NO ADDED SULFITES The whole vinification process is carried out without using sulfites or other preservatives. In a sulfite free environment, yeasts ferment more freely and produce a finer and extraordinary aroma. The wines are bottled without any addition of sulfites for the maximum genuineness and enjoyment of the consumers!

VEGAN PRINCIPLES In our wines we do not use any animal derived product, maintaining its purity and naturalness at the highest. Treating and manipulating the grapes and the wine the less we can, guarantee genuineness, fragrance and identity!

GREEN ENERGY On the roof of the production winery we have 418 solar panels that provide 100% of the electric power we need in the cellar. Green energy for a better environment around us!

INDIGENOUS YEASTS After long years of research and development our white wines are fermented using our own selected indigenous yeast. It has been identified in our Colvendrame Estate in Refrontolo, in the hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. The red wines, since fermented on the skins, are vinified with totally wild yeasts, mere spontaneous fermentations. Indigenous wild yeasts for a maximum expression of our terroir!