ORGANIC AND BIODYNAMIC PRINCIPLES Our philosophy follows organic and biodynamic principles. Pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers and insecticides are not used. The winery prepares its own natural and organic fertilizer that feeds the vines and fosters the growth of soil organisms, while promoting a healthy development of the roots.

NO ADDED SULFITES The entire wine-making process is carried out without the addition of sulfites or other preservatives. In a sulfites free environment, the fermentation of the yeasts occurs naturally, generating wines that possess a refined and elegant aroma. The wines are bottled without any addition of sulfites for the maximum genuineness and enjoyment of the consumers!

VEGAN CONCEPTS At no time during the wine-making process animal-derived substances are used. The handling and manipulation of the grapes are kept to a minimum in order to enhance the fragrance and the purity of the wines.

GREEN ENERGY Our energy needs are entirely supplied 418 solar panels that have recently been installed on the rooftop of the winery. Green energy preserves the environment!

INDIGENOUS YEASTS After years of research, we have identified in our land a wild yeast that has been selected and adopted by the winery as its own indigenous yeast. It is used to trigger the fermentation process of the white wines, while the red wines are fermented by the wild yeasts present on their grape skins. The use of this indigenous wild yeast embodies our identity and represents the highest expression of our terroir.


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